Manipura Chakra

Definition of Chakra

The word chakra literally means 'wheel' or 'circle', but in the yogic context it is 'vortex' or 'whirlpool'. The chakras are vortices of pranic energy at specific areas in the body which control the circulation of prana permeating the entire human structure. Each chakra relate to specific areas of the brain, and in most people these psychic centres are inactive. Concentration on the chakras while performing yogic practices stimulates the flow of energy through the chakras and helps to Activate them. This in turn awakens the inactive areas in the brain and the corresponding faculties in the psychic and mental hoodies, allowing one to experience planes of consciousness which are normally inaccessible. The petals of the lotus, inscribed with the bija mantras or seed sounds of the Sanskrit alphabet, represents the different manifestations of psychic energy connected with the Chakras

About Manipura Chakra

Situated in the spine behind the navel is manipura chakra. The word mani means 'gem' and pura means 'city'. Therefore, manipura means city of jewels'. It is so called because, being the fire centre, it is lustrous like a jewel and radiant with vitality and energy. This chakra is depicted as a bright yellow lotus with ten petals. Within the lotus is a fiery red triangle, the yantra of agni tattwa, the fire element, and the bija mantra ram. The solar plexus is the centre chiefly concerned with the vital process of digestion and food metabolism. It governs the functioning of the gastric glands, the pancreas, gall bladder and so on, which produce and secrete enzymes, acids and juices necessary for the digestion and absorption of nutrients. Manipura chakra is the psychic centre which controls these activities and the instinctive drive to find food and nurture oneself.

Mantra: Ram