Ajna Chakra

Definition of Chakra

The word chakra literally means 'wheel' or 'circle', but in the yogic context it is 'vortex' or 'whirlpool'. The chakras are vortices of pranic energy at specific areas in the body which control the circulation of prana permeating the entire human structure. Each chakra relate to specific areas of the brain, and in most people these psychic centres are inactive. Concentration on the chakras while performing yogic practices stimulates the flow of energy through the chakras and helps to Activate them. This in turn awakens the inactive areas in the brain and the corresponding faculties in the psychic and mental hoodies, allowing one to experience planes of consciousness which are normally inaccessible. The petals of the lotus, inscribed with the bija mantras or seed sounds of the Sanskrit alphabet, represents the different manifestations of psychic energy connected with the Chakras

About Ajna Chakra

Situated in the midbrain, behind the eyebrow centre, at the top of the spine, is ajna chakra. This centre is also known by various names such as: the third eye; jnana chakshu the eye of wisdom; triveni. The word ajna means command' In deeper states of meditation the disciple receives commands and guidance from the guru, and from the divine or higher self, through this chakra. Ajna chakra is depicted as a silver lotus with two petals,which represent the sun and the moon, the positive force, the negative force. In the centre of the lotus is the sacred bija mantra Aum. The element of this chakra is the mind. This is the centre where wisdom and intuition develop. When ajna is awakened, the mind becomes steady and strong, and full control over prana is gained.

Mantra: Aum