The temple is around 48 kilometers from Hyderabad in the Vargal village. Vargal has famous Sri Vidya Saraswathi temple which is situated or the pictorial background in which has a unique rock formation and a valley around this hill. Here there is one temple was dedicated to lord Shani seperately with a big statue measuring around 3 feet in high which is one of the biggest statue of the lord sheni in Andhra Pradesh.In 1998 the building process for the above temple was activated under the group who called themselves as Satya patam seva samethi. This committee has started searching for a convenient place to built a temple.Ultimately they selected the hillock of Vergal were 400 years old Shambu Deva Temple was situated. This temple is 2 feet below the ground level and one has to pass crawling of the ground for few feets to reach the main Shiva lingam. Sorrounding this temple were two ancient Vaishnaya Temples which were built during or before the Kakatiya rulers. There is a big Victory Pillar made of rock which is around 30 feet in height. The Vicotry Pillar has the statues of SitaRama Lakshmana, Goddesses Lakshmi and entwined couple of snakes.