Situtaed at Bordubi, a small town 7km fare from Tinsukia District of Assam the Tilinga Mandir is a famous Shiva  Temple in upper Assam. Tilinga means "bell" in Assamese and mandir means "temple" .This Bell Temple is as spiritually and mystically strong as any other temple. There are hundreds and thousands of bells of all sizes in bronze, brass, copper and aluminum that are tied to the big peepal tree and on its various branches.There are more than a hundred Siva tridents carelessly speared into the sand here and there. Most of them are packed together in one place, a few feet away from the mystical tree. It is believed that if you have a wish and you pray to Lord Shiva for fulfilling the wish , your wish will be granted by lord Shiva. Only thing is that you have to determine to donate a bell at the this temple.