3 kms from Kunjal towards the North, it’s where you will sight the most delightful Mahisha Mardhini Temple in Neelavara. One would be surprised to know that it been believed that Alupas, Hoysala, Vijaya Nagara rulers held religious rituals in this place. Mahisha Mardhini Temple in Neelavara is an ancient temple and thousands of devotees are influenced by this temple over religious matters and for the kind of all out concern and devotion shown to the Goddess from its legions of devotees all over the world.The stone inscriptions available here establish the antiquity of the temple. The 4 handed statue of the Goddess Mahisha Mardhini is found with chakra in the left hand, slitting open the throat of Mahishasura with the sphere in the hand. Moreover, the goddess is found stamping Mahishasura with the right leg. Dr. Gururaj Bhat, the illustrious historian of Karnataka maintained that the statue to have belonged to the 10th C.


Morning : 08:30 AM, Early morning pooja
Afternoon : 12:00 PM, Mahapooja
Evening : 08:00 PM, Raathri Pooja