Panakkattodil Devi Temple is a Hindu temple in Chavara Thekkumbhagom village in Kollam district of the Indian state of Kerala. Primary deity of this temple is Durga. The temple is managed by the Travancore Devaswom Board, Kerala. The Thalappoli in 'Meda Bharani' and the annual festival during the months of April and May are popular.Panakkattodil devi temple is an ancient and famous Hindu devi temple in South Kerala, located in Chavara Thekkumbhagom in Kollam District. There is no historical evidence available for the origin of this temple. But believe it as 1000 years old. Once a rover Brahmin youngster reached at Chavara Thekkumbhagom. He met a skilled carpenter called 'Koyippurathu Nambeesan Aasari'. They planned to build a temple in Chavara Thekkumbhagom. Nambeesan Aasari built base structure of the temple, then the Brahmin youngster evoke 'Bhadrakali' to this temple and adored. After that various parts of the temples had built and numerous devotees reach to the temple. Temple built in Valayaappallil Family' property. According to some records, temple build under the supervision of 'Manjippuzha Thamburan'. In 1946 (Malayalam Era or Kollavarsham 1121) temple undertaken by Travancore Government.


9.00 AM and 8.00 PM.