The temple dedicated to Goddess Kali also known as Ramna Kalibari or Matri Mandir is located in Shillong, Meghalaya. The temple is believed to be as old as 1000 years and is believed to be located on the outskirts of Dhaka. Pakistan Army on the date 27th March in the year 1971 coerced the temple during the Liberation war of Bangladesh.As per the history of the temple it was built by a devotee of Goddess Kali and was of Nepalese origin that migrated to Bengal from Himalayas. The major progress of the temple started after Rani Bilashmoni Debi of Bhawal estate took the initiative of establishing the temple. The temple at previous times protruding marker of the city and was quite high as it was visible from very distant place. The temple was very high that if it would have been present in today’s time it would have embraced the existing nigh towers that exist in the cities. There used to be a very big pond also called as dighi with the holy water wher the worshippers of the temple used to take the holy bath. Architecture of the temple resembles that of a Shikhara.