The Mangla Gauri temple in [Gaya, Bihar] India has been mentioned in Padma Purana, Vayu Purana and Agni Purana and Shri Devi Bhagwat Puraan and Markandey Puraan in other scriptures and tantric works. This temple is among the eighteen maha shaktipeeth. The present temple dates back to 15th century. The shrine is dedicated to Sati or the mother Goddess in the predominantly Vaishnavite pilgrimage center of Gaya. Mangalagauri is worshiped as the Goddess of benevolence. This temple constitutes an Upa-Shakti Peeth — where it is believed that a part of the body of Sati fell according to mythology. Here Sati is worshipped in the form of a breast, a symbol of nourishment. It is believed that whoever comes to Maa durga with his wishes and prayers, returns successfully with all of prayers and wishes come true.


6 AM to 8 PM