Madan Kamdev can be considered as one of the most beautiful temples ever to built in Assam. situated nearby Guwahati on the north-bank of the Brahmaputra and dedicated to the almighty Lord Shiva, the temple is the largest part of a complex consisting of over twenty temples surrounded by lush greenery and based on top of a hill.Though the existence of the main temple has been known to the outside world for more than a century, it was only in 1977 when upon clearing the forest area people stumbled upon more than twenty smaller temples made either from stone or brick. Today, only the foundations and the lower portions of these temples exist. Nevertheless, on foggy winter mornings, visiting the complex is quite an ethereal experience as the entire area gets covered by fog which eventually settles down in the surrounding forest. The entire area can be said to a hotbed of ancient ruined sculptures, remnants of a golden age long lost to the ravages of time. Historians, based on the design of these sculptures, suggest that they were built somewhere between the 11th and 12th centuries AD, possibly by the rulers of the Pala Dynasty.