Shri Balasundri Devi temple is a famous Hindu temple. It is located in Nahan town of Sirmour district, Himachal Pradesh.The temple is dedicated to Goddess Shri Balasundari Devi. Shri Bala Sundri Devi is considered to be the 'Bal Roop' (Child) of Mata Shri Vaishno Devi. This temple is very famous. In this temple presiding deity is Goddess Shri Bala Sundari.The Goddess in the temple has three types of presence. One is Mata Shri Lalita Devi. The second one is Mata Shri Bala Sundari Devi. And The third, Mata Shri Tribhavini Devi.The temple of Mata Shri Lalita Devi is located tat he Trilokpur Gaon to the east. Mata Shri Tribhavini Devi's temple is located towards the North West. Mata Shri Balasundari Devi temple is in the middle of these two temples.The temple was constructed by King Deep Parkash in 1573. The temple is an example of beautiful workmanship and is an amalgam of 'Indian' and 'Persian' style of architecture.There is a vast gate at the entrance of the temple. Shri Bala Sundri Mata Temple is one of the most important religious places in Himachal. It is believed that this temple has some super natural powers and people feel blessed after having the glance of the Goddess.According to the history,the 'pindi' of Goddess Shri Balasundri  appeared in a bag of salt,purchased by a local trader. To the trader’s surprise,the quantity of the salt in the bag remained undiminished in spite of its continuous sale. Thereafter the goddess appeared in his dream and urged him to setup a temple dedicated to her at the place.