Far from home, Tamils in Chandigarh, the Union Territory and capital of Punjab and Haryana states of India have been striving to keep their Tamil culture and traditions intact. The threat of decade-old militancy, which took a heavy toll in this part of India, did not deter them though, however, for they believe that Tamil Kadavul (Tamil God) Murugan protects them from any eventuality.It was during the peak of militancy in Punjab in the 1980's when Tamils of Chandigarh city felt the need of a temple for Lord Muruga, who is the warrior fighting evil, to safeguard people from the militants. First a small vel (spear) was erected on a pedestal. Devotees started worshiping the vel by chanting Tiruppugazh bhajanam under the cover of darkness.It is worth noted that not even a single family opted to shift to safer states out of fear but stood fast with a strong faith that Lord Muruga would save them. Their belief was not in vain, as the militant movement started waning soon thereafter. By 1990 the whole region was free from militancy.


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