Hatkoti Temple is a famous Hindu temple. It is addressed in a valley near Rohru.The temple complex consists of a main temple dedicated to Goddess  Durga and a smaller temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Hatkoti Goddess is regarded as the most powerful Goddess of this Region. Goddess  Durga is worshipped here as  Hatkeshwari.The main temple has a bronze image of eight armed Goddess  Durga riding a lion with her spear piercing the heart of the demon Mahishasur.The Hatkoti Temple is an home of Goddess  Mahishasurmardini,an incarnation of  Goddess Durga. The interior walls and roof of the temple have also been designed using great architectural skills. The architecture of both the temple is quiet similar and appear to be a work of the Gupta period. The hindu temple is believed to be the spot where the gods fought a pitched battle.The spot is famous for ancient temple of Mata  Hateswari in the midst of paddy fields on the right bank of the Pabber River.