The Lalmati Duramari Ganesh Temple is situated nearby Abhayapuri at Khagrapar hills and is one among the oldest monuments of Assam. After a detailed study, archaeologists have come to the conclusion that according to the carving and structures of the idols, the temple and its images are down the ages of 8th to 10 century AD.When you visit this place, you can see the monument remains and few ruined formations. A nature lover will like the beauty of these broken parts being hung, in abstract shapes. The real reason for the destruction of the images and temple is still a mystery. Some hearsay is that the cause of destruction was a major earthquake that had hit the Northeast Region in the 8th or 10th century AD. Whereas many believe all the images along with the temple were destructed as a punishment to the worshippers and the priests of the temple by Kalapahar. There is also a third view on the ruins that the camping Burmese at the Malegarh Hills destructed the idols and the temple before leaving. Archaeologists’ diary believes chances of an Earthquake being the reason for the destruction.