No temple would amaze you as much as this age old temple built by the Pandavas during the period of the Mahabharata - Pandava Kaleen Sri Kilkari Bhairav Temple or commonly known as the Bhairon Temple. You will often associate temples with Prashad & milk as offerings but it came as an extreme surprise to know that this temple has its tradition of offering alcohol to the Holy deity-Lord Bhairav.The Capital city, Delhi, has these temples at two locations- one at Pragati Maidan (which is the oldest Bhairav Mandir & the other at Kalkaji. Both the temples are easy to reach by Metro. Also, reaching by taxis, buses & autos is equally convenient.The temple is dedicated to Lord Bhairava, an incarnation of Lord Shiva. There are two wings in the temple - one called ‘Doodhiya Bhairava Temple’ where milk is offered & the other ‘Kilkari Bhairava Temple’ where alcohol is offered - this is because of the lord’s apparent fondness for alcohol. Apart from these offerings, meat & sometimes live chickens are also offered.


5 AM-12 Noon & 3 PM-9 PM.