Aundha Nagnath (Nageshwaram) is supposed to be the eighth of the twelve jyotirlingas in India, an important place of pilgrimage. The present temple is said to have been built by the Seuna (Yadava) dynasty and dates to 13th century. The first temple is said to be from time of the Mahabharata and is believed to have been constructed by Yudhishthira, eldest of the Pandavas, when they were expelled for 14 years from Hastinapur. It has been stated that this temple building was of seven-storyed before it was sacked by Aurangzeb.Today, however, the Sanctum Sanctorum, which is located below the ground level accessed by two deep steps is with The narrow chamber offers little space for the devotees to worship, added to which constant prayers (Abhisheka) by Chants of Pandits allow peace of mind for offering ones personal prayers.