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  • State - Maharashtra
  • District - Pune
  • Address - Lenyadri Ganapati Road, Junnar, Maharashtra 410502
  • Contact - 086000 73925
  • Religion - Hindu
  • Type - Lord Ganesha

Shri Girijatmaj Lenyadri Ganapati is the only Ganesh Temple which is carved in caves. Lenyadri carries an ancient myth which says that when the great Pandavas were living in agyatvas during their 13th year of exile, they sculptured these caves in just one night. There are 28 caves here, stretching from east to west. The temple occupies the complete 7th cave which gives a broad look to the temple. It is said that in this particular cave Devi Parvati performed tapascharya for twelve long years for the gain of a son. After this long tapascharya, Lord Ganesh himself came before her.


6 AM to 6 PM


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